14 thoughts on “On my 50th birthday.

  1. Congratulations, young man! So… how was it? Was it what you hoped it to be? Did it live up to expectations?

  2. Peter, I wish you a very happy birthday and blessed year ahead. I love Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue. I have a Dual Turntable that is over 50 years old (ha), and I still like to play albums on it. Recently, I have even bought some albums to play on it. There is still nothing like vinyl just as some photographers say about film.

  3. Thank you Pedro and Dave.

    Yes, Pedro, it really is a kind of magic. Gives me the same feeling as when I see images emerge from film. Not sure if my kids feel the same though, ha ha

    Well Dave, soon enough you will be joining the club — wishing you the best my friend!

  4. Dear ami Peter!!!

    A little note on your delicious Blog and taste !!!

    Wish you all my best and a very happy birthday great man 😉

    I could comment on each of your pictures… so forgive me “not to be very active”…

    Btw, my heart is always close to you mon ami !


  5. Thank you Guy and Hugues! Glad to see both of you still kicking around.

    Hugues, don’t worry about not commenting on photos. I haven’t produced anything consistent in a couple of years. We’ve gone through some difficult moments and photography was low on the list of concerns.

  6. Happy belated birthday, Peter.

    Hoping you and yours are thriving.

    I continue to derive joy and inspiration from your blog and your images even though I have only been an intermittent lurker of late.

    Your impeccable taste extends to music, too, it seems. Kind of Blue? A touchstone classic. Enjoy.

    Be well.

    1. Thank you Karen! Don’t worry about not visiting/commenting here often — I haven’t been posting much. I hope you and your family have been well, and thank you again for your kind sentiments.

  7. Hi Peter, want to congratulate you with your birthday and with the great gift. And so cool that you feel it too. Listening to Vinyl is magic and so much nicer than any of the digital formats. So welcome to the club in more ways than one. There is a parallel to photography i think. And if you ever are in the opportunity to hear a good Reel to Reel recording. Please do. It is the large format equivalent of Analog music. Njoy you records.

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