9 thoughts on “Baseball Season (almost).

    1. Thanks Chris,

      The files would be from the D500, so they’re not that hi res, lol.

      I actually have a Zenfolio account, but I don’t see a way of having a client download the original file (the size that can be downloaded is restricted). Am I missing something?

      1. Hello Peter: Email them support@zenfolio.com They respond quickly. I’ve not had an issue with the client downloading the file size of my choosing. The permissions protocol IS quite complex, so maybe you are missing something. Their techies should be able to help.

  1. I’ve been using smugmug for a really long time. It works really well for all my needs. Feel free to shoot me an email if you have any specific questions.

  2. Maybe check out Instaproofs. Certainly if you are thinking of asking some funding for the pics.

    Great selection of shots btw!!

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