Table Scene.

10 thoughts on “Table Scene.

  1. I have always believed that a woman’s back is as beautiful as her breast. 😉

  2. Andreas Hackauf says:

    Well, here we are again ! 🙂 … 😉

    …probably a Leica M3, n´est-ce pas?

    ..a lot of work for you! I am looking forward to see the results!

    @ Karim: for me the unitiy makes the beauty, in cameras and in …..! 😉

  3. beautifulgrain says:

    Oh oh oh. Here we go. 🙂 wellcome back 🙂

  4. Ian says:

    Yes all comments well written, informative and totally pointless.

    The real issue is where are the Noritsu or PakonF135 in the photo.

  5. jkjod says:

    What if it’s not even Peters table???

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