2 thoughts on “Photography.

  1. Maybe. I don’t mind what is possible – fast AF; object tracking; lots of detail; speed; portability; 20fps in total silence; 8K RAW video; ISO 400,000; in-camera lens corrections. I do mind what is done and encouraged for no good reason – pointless post-processing; shooting wide-open all the time as if nobody thought of doing it for the past 100 years; affectations in wedding or portrait photography; and so on.

    I also don’t like artificial limits assumed or imposed for no good reason: you must use the same brand of lenses as your camera; you may not have a brand preference except that exact brand preference of the person lecturing you; you must accept all the conventions imposed upon you by manufacturers, who can never be wrong (except Leica, they are always wrong, even though they invented modern photography, and they are copied to this very day); and whatever else.

    But, maybe I have absolutely everything backwards. 😛

  2. My first love is music, I play guitar, started with the acoustic and afterwards the electric guitar which I play most of the time…but I don´t want to let go neither of them!!!!

    I like paintings, but I am no painter…I wonder what people can do…!

    I like analog photography, but I am not able to do film ( tried it with Leica M6 and Mamiya RZ 67 Pro II)

    All in all I am happy with the digital Leica M9 (and its unique CCD sensor) and my Nikon D 750: keeping wonderful memories of beloved persons and places….! ..in a literally matter, I lose “nothing” but receive a lot…!

    So my dear friend Peter, perhaps you are searching something in photography, what photography is not able to give you?!


    Do what you love and love what you do! 🙂

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