18 thoughts on “What do these two photos have in common?

  1. Same lens;
    Same camera;
    Same curly-ish hair.
    Same location (probably…)
    The subjects are related
    The are both shot by you.
    They both put up with you.


    (YES!!! What do I win??)

  2. a guess posted with no software tweaking sort of a fonzie shot you know when he used to look in the mirror and put his comb away nothing needed to be done

  3. The background is not disctracting, so this here is a darkish background to focus on the portrait!
    The first shot is open wide, the lens on the second is more closed, oh sorry you did ask for common… 😉

    The skin is so shiny, did you use a special light reflection?

    Did you use a tripod?

    1. Yes! Kostas, you got it! I’m using flash photography.

      In both images, I used an off-camera flash (which was reflected in an umbrella), to the right of both subjects. Image #1 had just flash light (with no ambient light), while Image #2 was a mix of both flash and ambient light.

      I decided this year to tackle my winter blues (and the lack of light) by bringing my own light to the party! Just starting to practice with it and I didn’t identify which photos were created with it because I wanted to see if anyone would pick up on what I was doing (which would mean I was doing it wrong).

  4. I think you did an excellent job with it Peter, the light looks very nice. I just knew where to look for clues. Have you found the sync speed of the camera an issue?

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