7 thoughts on “The Graduate, 4.

  1. Lovely portraits Peter. Gee he has really grown up!

    How are you finding the Fuji? I’m guessing you’re missing that smooth focus ring of days gone by with that sense of muscle memory and instinct working together…:-).

    1. Thanks Andrew! Yes he is growing very fast. They all are… we have the grocery bills to prove it.

      Re: the Fuji (in the most improbable turn of events)… I’m really enjoying it. As you know, I disliked it when I first tested it at the local camera shop. Testing a camera before buying it is the conventional advice, and it’s usually good advice, but interestingly it led me to the wrong conclusion. Thank goodness I submitted to the lure of the image quality, or else I would not have had this pleasant surprise. I haven’t been as shocked about liking a camera since migrating from a Leica M3 to a Mamiya RZ67.

      In both then and now, however, I approach the process of creating a photograph in a very different way. That’s the trick to not being disappointed with the “limitations” of medium format, I guess.

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