The Graduate.

Grade 6 — gone.


↑ Fuji GFX 50R + GF 110mm f/2 R LM WR.

12 thoughts on “The Graduate.

  1. henry says:

    wow! beautiful portrait, Peter. this will sound silly but it almost looks real — as in, not a photo. beautiful skin tones.

    • Thanks Henry! No, doesn’t sound silly at all. Years ago when I used the Pentax 645D, or – in film – the Mamiya RZ67 and 7, I was always struck by the greater tonality possible with large(r) sensors.

      I could only imagine what a “real” medium format digital sensor would do…

  2. Chris D. says:

    Don’t want to turn this into a “tech-centris post”, but other MF camera bodies utilize a similar AF design, which I’ve found in-testing, to hunt for accurate focus constantly, even with static subjects. Are you focusing manually, or just being very patient? Love the look of the 110!

    • Hi Chris, I don’t mind the question at all.

      Focus is slow but very accurate with the 110/2 lens. The 23/4 misses a little but is also very accurate. The 63/2.8 is the least accurate, so I often switch to manual focus or shoot multiple shots to make sure I get a keeper.

      The above applies to stationary subjects only. If you’re photographing anything that’s moving, then forget it!

  3. Andreas Hackauf says:

    With this Fujiya 😉 portraits are stunning 🙂 Bravo! Sometimes I think you live for cameras, now it seems the camera does it for you!PERIOD!

    • Ha ha, “Fujiya”… I think the people at Fujifilm may have something to say about that!

      Going with the 50R was a gamble, especially since I was initially disappointed with its ergonomics/handling after trying it out at a local camera shop a few months back. It definitely wasn’t love at first sight. But, man, I couldn’t get that image quality out of my head. And, like the Mamiya RZ67, I’ve ended up liking it, even though it’s not my typical kind of camera.

  4. Superb. The quality is astounding, and so is your exposure (as ^&$#%$ usual!).

  5. Hugues Faye says:

    Superb Peter !!!

  6. Ashwin Rao says:

    Wondeful. You are working magic!

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