2 thoughts on “The Car Show.

  1. It’s funny, I’ve been eyeing the Fuji 50R for a while. It’s a very ugly looking camera in my opinion. About 2 weeks ago I rented one and really liked how it functioned. It’s the first medium format camera I’ve used that functions very similar to a 35mm camera. It really grew on me and last weekend I purchased one. The next day I noticed you also moved in that direction. The image quality is wonderful, very little post-processing is needing in my opinion unless you are looking for a certain look.

    Keep enjoying!


    1. Hey Gage, interesting turn of events….

      Interesting too your commentary about the 50R’s appearance. I actually have a fondness for cameras that look like black bricks. Non-descriptive cameras that are all business… so the 50R really appealed to me on that level.

      You’re right about the post-processing. I’ve realized that even the minimum I was doing for the M10 files is too much for the GFX files.

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