13 thoughts on “Toronto, Monday June 17, 2019 (Raptors Parade 1 – 7).

    1. Ha ha, I couldn’t even get close! And the team still hasn’t arrived… the parade route is overflowing with people (in the millions).

      I only had 20 minutes or so to shoot and then had to get out of there!

  1. Agree with comment above, better than M10 and well done for getting it.

    On another note there is an adaptor for Mamiya RZ lenses actually I think there are adaptors for lots of lenses, feels like a winner for Fuji.

    1. Thanks Ian. The quality of the Fuji output is not surprising, given the larger sensor and excellent lenses. My only hesitation has always been the ergonomics. It’s like night and day compared to the Leica, with the latter lending itself to more fluid shooting.

  2. Fluid shooting or not, You seem to be at the top of your game with this set. That speaks well of this camera and you bonding if that makes sense.

  3. I don’t care which camera or lens you are using….composition is always remarkable.

    Last photo of the series? With the darling girl on her (probably) Mom’s shoulders? With the street sign name of Queen in the upper right?


    The Raptors played a great series. Congratulations.

    1. Thank you so much Karen. Good eye on you for noticing the “Queen” sign! I had noticed it before taking the shot but of course did not plan for it.

      Re: the Raptors, it was a fun ride. Now we wait to see whether Kawhi comes back. I’m predicting he’ll sign on for one more year, and then we’ll really have him 😉

    1. Thank you Marc… you are correct. The image quality was never in question when I first tried out the camera a few months ago; it was the handling/ergonomics that held me back until now.

  4. Wow! first person whose skills I rate to get a Fuji 50R…. NICE! you are really showing it’s strengths!

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