9 thoughts on “Current Gear.

  1. By the way, I’m enjoying the photos of the family in Barbados. Children are really growing. Enjoy them because time passes quickly. I have four children who have given me six grandchildren to enjoy.

  2. Nothing wrong with that – but I wonder why you don’t go to 28mm instead of 35mm. 35 and 50 are arguably too close to each other. In your case you could do without the 50mm and just have a 35 and a 75. OTOH, anyone with a zoom will make full use of that range.

    One could write a long article about lens sets. E.g:


    And on and on.

    1. Good question.

      I like 28 very much. But I also like 24 and 21. As well as 90, lol.

      But when I go back and look at all my previous images, the best ones were taken with a 35, 50, or 75 lens. My guess is that I’m really a 50mm shooter and the other two flanking focal lengths give me a subtle variation of that perspective.

  3. I agree with you, Peter. And would add that the difference between a 50 and 35 is more than just a subtle variation for me. What I shoot and how I compose an image is quite different with the two lenses. I could never eliminate one for the other.

  4. hi there, I too feel that 50 probably is the middle of my universe. I foolishly sold my M and all my lenses a couple of years ago and now consider the mirrorless experience wasn’t quite what I wanted instead (foolish blunder I know) I have a 50 again and want to repurchase a 75 though and previously had the 2.5 version of your newer 2.4. Do you observe any significant difference between the two please as it is several hundreds of pounds used. I do love what you do and circle back here regularly. All the best. Des

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