5 thoughts on “Divided.

    1. Thanks Ian. But I must caution you: these are two completely different cameras. Despite this being a spontaneous shot, the Fuji excels with considered/still/posed photography.

      Still, the image quality beguiles me too, and I keep thinking whether I should switch. In the past, however, that has always been the wrong move for me.

  1. Peter,

    Only consider EVF medium format as a second system to Leica, as they provide different experiences and fulfill different purposes.

    And wait for the Hasselblad X1D-100c – it will be better and more satisfying for Leica M users, trust me.


    1. Yes, I know. The trouble is at this time I would have to sell my M10 in order to make the leap, and any new offering from Hasselblad would likely be out of my reach even if I did sell.

      So the M10 stays. The M platform is too dear and near to my heart to abandon. I’ve learned that the hard way over the years.

  2. Your approach is a good one. You will regret it. At the end of the day, in ideal conditions, I agree that the technical image quality is impressive, and will only be more with the new Hasselblad, but when the light goes down, and you can stick a summilux or an Artisans f/1.1 lens on your M, the difference is much, much more questionable.

    I always loved the form factor of the X1D – it is still the most comfortable camera I’ve ever held – but a nimble street shooter with a nice big OVF it’s not.


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