Sisters (1 and 2).

I really love seeing them like this… enjoying each other’s company.

On a completely different (and technical) note, these images were not post-processed in any way.  I had nothing to add to what the M10 produced.  First time I can recall that happening to me with any digital camera.


Leica M10 + Leica 50mm Summilux ASPH f/1.4.

5 thoughts on “Sisters (1 and 2).

  1. kdghantous says:

    Not only do I love the way they interact, I love that they are so different.

  2. Ashwin Rao says:

    Wonderful interaction, and wonderful image, taken with a wonderful camera, by a wonderful photographer. This set of images hits on all cylinders. I think the more spontaneous second images suits me the best as I look at the two, though I think the 2 images tell a nice story vignette. You are getting along well with the M10, Peter, and I am glad for you.

    I am enjoying my ongoing M10 experience…just got the M10-D last week and am really bonding with it.

    • Thank you Ashwin, for all of your very kind sentiments.

      As for your new M10-D, congratulations! I hope it accompanies you through many photographic adventures.

      I love the fact that Leica even makes such a camera, though I will likely never have the opportunity to try it.

      Keep us posted, please, with your results/experiences.

  3. Ian says:

    Both really good. So is the M10 a keeper for you, I will stick with my M3 Pakon Voodoo combo for a while. Also I thought Ashwin comments was shall we say wonderful.

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