The Cyclist.

2018, Beyond 200 feet of My House™, Favourite, Inspiration, Leica 50mm Summilux ASPH f/1.4, Leica M10, NYC, Portrait, Q&A, Sports, Street, Teaching point

This is an uncropped image.  Technically, it’s a difficult sort of shot to achieve focus, not just because of the motion of the cyclist and the small margin of error involved in photographing at f/1.4, but also because the cyclist is situated a little to the right of centre, away from the focus patch of the rangefinder.  To deal with this, some experience and (admittedly) luck, is involved.

Incidentally, the same three issues (quick motion — especially with the subject coming towards the camera, shallow depth of field, and hitting critical focus at the periphery of the frame) can equally frustrate even the most sophisticated autofocus systems.  Interestingly, in these situations I seem to have more success with rangefinders.

Now, if only the distracting car behind her wasn’t there, I might have been satisfied with this image.


Leica M10 + Leica 50mm Summilux ASPH f/1.4.

5 thoughts on “The Cyclist.

  1. That’s not too bad at all. Sometimes little things can ruin the entire image – you can’t just crop them out.

    There are, I dare say, an infinite number of great photos that can be taken. It’s also true that there are an infinite number of ways that all those photos can be ruined. Orders of infinity and all that. 😉

    1. It’s these sort of details that kill me when I’m looking at my images.

      Having said that, the best shot that was there for the taking in New York I missed entirely because I didn’t have my camera ready. I will forever regret that.

      1. Don‘t regret it Peter, the best shots should always be in the Heart!😀 by the way, the car interferes not that much, at last it is a road 😜

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