6 thoughts on “The Photographers.

  1. Really good shot, maybe just me when I tested I struggled a bit with the highlights, where I come from its very bright sunshine its one of the reasons I have held of buying. What are your thoughts on that issue if any.

    1. Thanks Ian. It definitely struggles with highlights. I was reading (and Ashwin has confirmed) that the M10 true base ISO is between 100 and 200 (160?), but that cannot be accessed in-camera so it’s best to use 200 or else you risk losing more highlight room.

      In my case, I photograph in manual mode (as I always have) and bias my exposure towards underexposure, then lift the shadows in post. Seems to work for me.

    1. I can live with them. Much, much better than M240, but less pleasing than M9 (at base ISO).

      The D850 probably has the best colours overall, but not in the specific case of skin tones, which are too orange.

  2. I really like how their phones are not really evident, like they are framing their shots with their hands, that classic action of film directors!

    1. Thanks David! I find it interesting how the whole process of photography has been upended by the smartphone, but your interpretation of this image confers a romantic perspective to it all…

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