17 thoughts on “My Gear (updated).

      1. Good luck. I have the M9 with the 50 Lux Black Chrome edition and the 35 Lux. Very rarely am I wanting for any other lens.

  1. Hey Peter, crazy times for you. Do you think you will miss the reach of a telephoto, and capturing some of your kids sporting events? Photography is an incredible hobby/profession, and we all need the tool that makes us feel the most comfortable. I feel your work stands on its own, no matter the equipment. Happy shooting.

    1. Thanks Dave. I will definitely miss the reach of a telephoto — that was one of the reasons I transitioned out of Leica a few years ago. I will also miss the wonderful sensor of the D850.

      But, I’m not planning to do any paid work for now, and I’ve decided to stop being the team photographer for my son’s team (it was getting to be too time-consuming).

      That pretty much leaves me free to pursue personal interests, which I enjoy doing with a rangefinder.

      On another note, I’m curious to see the new Nikon mirrorless offering because I’m confident it will be great, but whatever it ends up being, I know it won’t be a rangefinder.

  2. Congrats, Peter. It’s a lovely combo, both aesthetically, and of course, for capturing those special moments. I am psyched to see how it plays out for you.

  3. Good to see your new move. Life is a constant changing challenge.
    On lenses, I suppose you will love 28Lux. That make perfect combo with 50lux.

  4. Welcome back to M. Gorgeous setup you have there. I still love my M9 and have a Fuji for tele when needed. Hopefully an M10 will be in my future too. Looking forward to seeing how you get on with it but so far I am liking what you are doing with it. Big fan of your images.

  5. Hello Peter, I’ve been following (and enjoying) your photos with the M10 and curious how you are getting along with your transition back to Leica. I am always on the brink of switching to a system with autofocus (D850, A7R3, A9, Z, R, SL…..), but so far I just can’t pull the trigger as I don’t want to give up the M10.

    1. Thank you John!

      To answer your question… I’ve been a prolific system-switcher over the years, yet I somehow always end up with a Leica in my hands (it’s ordained in Rule #20: https://prosophos.com/2014/10/09/photography-truths-ive-learned-over-the-years/ ). When I have a rangefinder, I feel like my photography is better. I know some (or perhaps many) would disagree with me on that point however.

      Regarding the M10 specifically, I really like it. Unlike the M240 before it, I haven’t been seriously tempted to go back to an M9 (or to the current crop of “super cameras” from Nikon/Sony).

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