Walk this way.

2018, Beyond 200 feet of My House™, Favourite, Inspiration, Leica 50mm Summicron APO f/2, Leica M10, Portrait, Q&A, Street, Teaching point

Another test shot.

This was captured one minute before yesterday’s image, at the same crossing where I had briefly paused on my way home from work (I was practicing my rangefinder focusing to get it to where it was a year ago before I switched over to DSLRs).

On a technical note, one of the early conclusions I can draw from the files is that I’m liking the skin tones out of the M10.


Leica M10 + Leica 50mm Summicron APO.

7 thoughts on “Walk this way.

  1. This is a „Special Peter“ with Black and White Colours! Great Combo!! Vivid and simply classic Leica!

    1. It’s funny that you noticed that. As I was processing the images, I noticed the first one from yesterday had a lot of orange/red, and this one has black and white, as you say. Happy accidents.

  2. Anyone who has followed you for a few years will know what a significant comment “I’m liking the skin tones out of the M10” is. I will be interested to see what you conclude on the 1.4/50SX v the 2/50 APO. I like both, for different reasons and purposes. As a portrait lens I think I prefer the rendering of the Lux, and for everything else the APO. Forced to choose one I would (did) opt for the APO. (But that leaves aside the elephant in the room – price). Most times I take with me the M10 + 2/50 APO and the 2.8/28 Elmarit, or I just take the 2/35 Cron.

    As you know, the M is wonderful… for a certain kind of shooting, while the higher resolution Nikon DSLRs are superior for many other situations and purposes. I see them as complementary.

    Ultimately though none of the wonderful pictures you have shared here have depended all that much on the equipment you have used, or, put another way, all have allowed you to convey what you saw.

    1. Thank you Linden.

      Your choice of the 50 ‘lux over the APO for portraits, and the APO over the ‘lux for everything else, seems right. I would love to have the 50 APO, but I gave up the (Nikon) farm to get back to Leica, there’s nothing left to make that acquisition.

      I agree with your assessment that DSLR and M cameras compliment each other. Not being able to hold on to both, I made the choice to go with the platform that best suits what I do, most of the time.

      And yes, you caught the significance of my skin tones comment. The M240, with respect to that, was a constant source of frustration for me that even my most ardent critics finally conceded once they had a suitable alternative (the M10) to move on to.

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