20 thoughts on “Vinyl Player.

  1. not too shabby,Peter. ha! my first reaction before viewing the details was, “this image has a certain quality that i haven’t seen in Peter’s shots in some time.”. of course your nikon shots have looked perfecto.

    1. I see something too Henry, but maybe we’re both deluded, LOL.

      What definitely feels real to me however is the joy that’s back in my photography life.

      I almost missed this shot, which would have been a shame… I need to beef up on my rangefinder focusing to get to where I was.

  2. Peter, you’re an excellent photographer no matter what camera you are using. However, you are definitely a different photographer, in a good sense, when you are using a Leica. And the image posted here reminds me of this. Although I can’t tell you why, I just like your photography better when you’re shooting with a Leica, and I have for the most part missed your Leica images while you were shooting with Nikon cameras. It is also interesting that others have seen this as well. So, I guess it was inevitable that you would return to a digital Leica. George

    1. Cant agree with you more, back in your Leica day i followed your post everyday. When you changed to Nikon, all the photos are still great but missing something that is hard to discribed, like the unique taste of Leica.

      1. Thanks Calvin. I can’t explain the “something” that was missing, but whatever it was was probably related to the fact that my enthusiasm was missing too.

        It’s nice to see another familiar name around here, by the way.

    2. Thank you George for your honesty. As I’ve written in my responses to others, I’m enjoying photographing again… maybe that somehow translates into the final image, I don’t know.

      Objectively, I can tell you that the D850 produces better files. Yet, I seem to produce better photographs with an M. I’ll try to remember that going forward.

  3. Yup, I see it too. Placebo might be strong, but there’s a certain way of interacting with the environment, coupled with the way that M glass renders that provides a special quality, when possessed in the right hands (Peter’s). I think you are…making…the right decision, Peter 🙂

    1. Ashwin, I just want to thank you again for helping me by providing sample images, your counsel, and of course encouragement behind the scenes while I was deliberating my decision. You are a true friend.

      Placebo or not with respect to the M, I’m happy again.

  4. FWIW… first of all, nice shot.

    The comments above simply prove one thing: the type of camera you use will influence the type of photograph that you capture. Sometimes it’s subtle, so subtle that it’s not worth thinking about. But other times it makes every difference. A Hasselblad will take a different photograph than an Olympus. This is not negotiable – this is fact.

    You hear people say that the camera doesn’t matter. That is false. As in, incorrect, or illogical. Equipment matters. We can discuss different opinions as to which equipment matters the most, but that also proves that equipment matters. If it didn’t matter, photographers would use the most convenient camera available to them for everything.

    So, do rangefinder cameras make sense? Contrary to what many people might assume, a large percentage of new cameras sold every year have offset viewfinders. They may not have rangefinders, but they have offset viewfinders, nonetheless. What, did you all forget about all the Lomography and Instax cameras sold every year? 🙂

  5. Peter, here it is again! There is this certain „something“ again that attracted me to follow your Blog over the (Leica-)years !!! A good decision, you should have the APO! 😀👍

    1. Thank you dear Andreas. I would love to keep the 50 APO, but after all of the gear changes I’ve made in the last 48 hrs, I’m afraid I cannot afford it right now. I’m not even sure I can afford the 50/1.4 ASPH, to be honest.

  6. Hi all, hi Peter
    Your photos with Nikon was greats; but with thhis one “La magie est de retour…”
    Maybe “Placebo ” effect… Mais on s’en fiche…

  7. Ok Peter, we all agree that Leica is for you. But now I want to see how you bond with the M10. I am looking forward to your comments going forward. Also, it would be wonderful to have you share info on aperture. shutter speed and iso. Thanks. George

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