6 thoughts on “The Essence of Baseball 1, 2, 3

  1. I absolutely love the middle shot. That is worthy of submitting to a stock library. I personally don’t do that, as I prefer Unsplash (a site where you give away your images). But you flirted with selling your work on at least one occasion, and you seemed to have been happy with the outcome.

  2. Peter, what a good choice with the 70/200! What matters for me is to get emotional in contact and this Zoom has the look and feel I like and it is really sharp! … 😀👍

    1. Thank you Andreas. As you know, I had used the 70-20m f/2.8E in the past and almost immediately regretted selling it. Glad I have one again.

      Given this, I’m still not sure where the 105/1.4 fits in my gear hierarchy.

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