Decision(s) Made.

Current gear list here.



3 thoughts on “Decision(s) Made.

  1. I want that Summicron.
    What will your next digital system be? I myself would have gone through two or three systems over the past four years had I not had budgetary constraints (which are about to change, thank God). What’s interesting is that the more expensive cameras, such as the SL or A9, are not as tempting to me as as they are to others.
    Actually just give me the M3 as well. Thanks!

  2. Ashwin Rao says:

    Nice kit. Efficient, and seems to be quite versatile as well. I am suprised you sold the 200mm f/2. Was it size? For me, I really like the well priced, optically comparable Tamron zooms (15-30, 24-70 G2, and 70-200G2), but honestly mainly use the 70-200, 300PF, and the same 3 prices (28/58/105)….I think a great kit for you would be your 4 lenses and the 300 PF….have you shot with that at all. It’s quite good for sports…just don’t point it at a specular highlight…

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