14 thoughts on “In local news…

  1. Uh oh and ouch….I hope the injury isn’t too serious and heals up quickly. Sending good wishes your family’s way…..I can also send ice if that would come in handy…..

    1. Thank you Karen. The injury: fractured collarbone.

      Didn’t happen on the baseball diamond. Happened at school after another student jumped on him, knocking him to the ground.

  2. He got tackled. At school.

    Must hurt and have been upsetting on many levels for many people, including your boy.

    So sorry.

    Not a fun way to start the summer……maybe ice cream will help?

    1. He actually felt sorry for the other boy (because he was suspended… for a day). So, he contacted him over the weekend to let him know there were no hard feelings. I must say, my son is the man I aspire to be, lol…

  3. Ouch. Bummer. G seems resilient, and he will heal. Still, getting jumped can’t be easy on him, especially when it takes him away from a cherished activity, hurts, and requires time for recovery.

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