4 thoughts on “Portrait in Guelph, 2018.

  1. Damn, bro, you’ve done it again. 🙂 This and ‘Swing’ must be printed (optically) to a large size and put on The Wall. 10/10 and then some.

    I must also repeat my incredulity at how perfectly your images are exposed (or corrected if necessary). I can try and try and try but I’ll never get to this level as far as exposure is concerned. You really ought to be a cinematographer or something.

    Many years ago, I had the idea of collecting prints from photographers that I really liked. Thankfully, almost all of them are accessible. The photos I want on my wall are those of other photographers.

    So, in the case that I do start collecting (and I do have the wall space, unlike you and Mark), I hope that you will sell me a print or two. If not, no harm done. They must be optical though, if they were taken on film.

    1. I will say this much: one of the things I notice in movies is the quality of the cinematography… so you may be on to something.

      Now I just need to convince my wife and kids that quitting my job and moving to Hollywood is the right decision.

      Thank you for the kind words, because I worked hard for this one.


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