Prosophos is now using Blockchain!

2018, Favourite, Inspiration

I’m happy to announce that is now being managed with Blockchain technology.

The posts have always been data-rich and time-stamped, but now a cryptographic hash will also be included to enhance the value to you, the viewer.

There are many photography blogs out there providing you with images, but only one is giving you Blockchain, all the time.

Just my way of saying thanks.



11 thoughts on “Prosophos is now using Blockchain!

  1. Hi Peter,

    This is an interesting development you’ve pursued so as to drive and secure your site and experience provided.

    Is it possible for you to give a non-technical plain English overview as to just what this implementation of blockchain thing is, and how it will be of benefit to one an all.

    Others who visit your site, and read this, may be able to contribute to the undersatnding and appreciation of blockchain, too …


      1. Hi Peter,

        Thus my sly qualifier “… an interesting development …” and the request to “… give a non-technical plain English overview…” [which you did in your response] inclusive of some additional lampooning comments from “… Others who visit your site …”

        It all worked out in the end, didn’t it [grinning] …


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