Leica, by Nikon.

Leica M3 + 50mm Summicron DR, as photographed by the Nikon D850 + 58/1.4G.

(Please bear with me… it’s friggin’ snowing outside and we’re into the second half of April.)

Having said that, the 58 1.4G @ f/1.4 is so smooooooth….


↑ Nikon D850 + Nikon 58mm f/1.4 G.

2 thoughts on “Leica, by Nikon.

  1. Mueller, Harry (296403) says:

    I have an M3 with a dual 50 just like this. A beautiful camera and lens.
    I have forsaken my Nikon 750 and will resurrect. Been busy with Leica.
    Really like the look of the 58. Will have to save up.

  2. Dr. Andreas Habash says:

    …. great combination
    one question – which brand is the leather halfcase of the M3 (any link to it)
    thank you in advance

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