4 thoughts on “The Viola Player, 2.

  1. Peter,
    That’s it – a superb image.
    It would not have come into being if it were not for both the competence and expressiveness of the child’s hands.
    This is in addition to how well you’ve managed to get the background bits and the foreground bits to harmoniously speak to one another.
    I hope you frame this image and put in on a wall.

  2. Peter,
    Have you given any thought to experimenting with Ilford SFX? – a B & W film with an extended sensitivity into the near-infrared.

    My logic is that if we compare analogue to digital, the SFX negative just maybe come up like a CCD file – when the final image is crafted in B&W.

    Just a thought – it maybe worthwhile experiment – treat SFX like HP4+ in exposure and development, as a starting point.

  3. It’s a good thought Sean but I’ll tell you this: as much as I like the look of CCD, there’s a look I like more, and that’s Tri-X film.

    I really should experiment more with different films, but I like to keep things simple and minimize all variables when photographing.

    Too set in my ways I guess.

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