My Camera(s) of the year (for 2017).

A little late in coming, but I needed to be sure.

My camera(s) of the year:

1. Nikon D850 (for general photography).

2. Nikon D500 (for sports/action).

With these two cameras, there is nothing I can’t photograph.

As a bonus, they share the same battery and external controls.

The perfect duo.


Previous Prosophos Camera of the Year Winners:

2016: Leica M9/M-E.

2015: Leica M9/M-E.

2014: Leica M9/M-E

2013: Leica M9/M-E

2012: Leica M9/M-E

2011: Leica M9

2010: Leica M9

2009: Leica M9

2008: Leica M8/Nikon D3

2007: Leica M8/Nikon D3

2006: Leica M8

3 thoughts on “My Camera(s) of the year (for 2017).

  1. Laurent says:

    Interesting. First year without Leica. What is it that you don’t like about the M10 (except for the price…)?

    • Primarily the sensor. It’s inferior (by a significant margin) to the current state of the art.

      Secondarily, an operational issue: the M10 can easily overheat and unpredictably shut down during use. This is a design flaw secondary to its thin form factor (cannot effectively dissipate heat).


  2. My cameras of the year are always cameras that I think of buying next. 😛 And I’m so moody that I’d have a different contender every week.

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