My Camera(s) of the year (for 2017).

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A little late in coming, but I needed to be sure.

My camera(s) of the year:

1. Nikon D850 (for general photography).

2. Nikon D500 (for sports/action).

With these two cameras, there is nothing I can’t photograph.

As a bonus, they share the same battery and external controls.

The perfect duo.


Previous Prosophos Camera of the Year Winners:

2016: Leica M9/M-E.

2015: Leica M9/M-E.

2014: Leica M9/M-E

2013: Leica M9/M-E

2012: Leica M9/M-E

2011: Leica M9

2010: Leica M9

2009: Leica M9

2008: Leica M8/Nikon D3

2007: Leica M8/Nikon D3

2006: Leica M8

3 thoughts on “My Camera(s) of the year (for 2017).

  1. Interesting. First year without Leica. What is it that you don’t like about the M10 (except for the price…)?

    1. Primarily the sensor. It’s inferior (by a significant margin) to the current state of the art.

      Secondarily, an operational issue: the M10 can easily overheat and unpredictably shut down during use. This is a design flaw secondary to its thin form factor (cannot effectively dissipate heat).


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