9 thoughts on “Eye Contact.

  1. OMG. You don’t have this lens, too. lol. I’m in good company! Can’t wait to look at your site on a big machine. I’m excited that you have this lens. I have to tell you, I’m over the moon with this thing. And I almost returned it. Anyway. Wow. Peter.

    Good on you and I hope you like it.


    1. Hey Donald, nice to hear from you! Yes, I currently have this lens (and I owned it a few years ago too). Are you using it for your street work? I just received mine and won’t be taking it outside until the temperatures warm up.

      1. Yes. Pretty much the only lens I’m using. It has re-inspired my street photography completely. I’ve been shooting with it since November and I think pretty much every shot on my blog since that time has been with this lens. I was going to do a review. I certainly have a lot of opinions on the lens. At first I pretty much thought there was no way I was going to keep it. And now all I want to do is get out with it and see what it’s going to create next. It’s like the old Garry Winogrand quote. “I photograph in order to see what things look like photographed.” This lens epitomizes that. I shoot things with this lens in order to see what this lens is going to do with a scene or subject. Anyway. After shooting with the 50 lux for six or so years, and the 50 cron as well, Leica lenses in general, the many flaws of this lens was quite off-putting initially. Maybe even longer. Then it really hit me that the flaws really are what enables the unique qualities that I have been chasing in a lens from the day I bought my first DSLR in 2004. Anyway. I’ve been tagging images for a review for the last month or so. It will be very non-technical as I don’t think that way at all. By now, you couldn’t pry this lens from my hands but it makes me feel validated in my choice that someone whose shooting I admire like you has for whatever reason found their path and choices has led (in your case, back) to this lens as well. Anyway. Exciting times, honestly. And at a moment where the street aspect of my photography was really a waning interest. Now I’m truly back and always very excited to go out and shoot this lens. Take care, Peter and enjoy your lens.

        1. Donald, the feeling is mutual ― knowing you’re using it validates my choice too.

          (Hahaha, I think you just wrote your review above 😉 )

          Just to give you some background, I owned this lens in 2016 but found the focusing unreliable on the D810. I sold the lens in frustration but I acquired a D850 six months ago which as you know is more adept at focusing, so I thought why not give it another go?

          The decision was influenced by the fact that there is something very special about the rendering that I haven’t been able to duplicate with any other lens. The lenses that possibly come the closest on the M system are the Zeiss Sonnar 50/1.5 and the Noctilux f/1… but the 58/1.4G is different enough from these (in a good way) to warrant attention (and a review!… so I hope you write one).


          1. Ha. Amazing. The lens this reminds me of most is the Zeiss Sonnar. You and me. Jeez. lol. Also, the focusing. Not exactly zippy for my kind of street shooting. But, worlds better than me trying to even see that focusing patch on the Leicas and especially against dark or moving subjects.

            Warmest regards, Peter.

  2. There is something very different and good with colours in this one. Different post processing or specific rendering of lens?

    1. Thanks for noticing.

      There are many confounding variables here: different lens, different lighting, etc.

      Having said that, I’m definitely experimenting with processing and suspect this is the most significant difference. You have to remember, the D850 is still a relatively new camera for me, as I’ve owned it for just over 6 months. In contrast, I owned the M9 for 8 YEARS and it took me 5 of those years to finally get to where I wanted to be with post-processing/colour handling.

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