7 thoughts on “The Winter Evening Portrait.

  1. Wonderful portrait in b&w! What a pleasant opposite pole to all the pixel peeping “mania” :-)…like a painting…

    1. Thank you Andreas! I’m part of the same “mania” (my other camera is a D850, lol) but I wish I had the courage to go 100% back to film. It’s the colour film I’ve never home-processed that is holding me back… that, and the convenience of digital for certain occasions.

  2. What an absolutely lovely image: tones, balance, composition. I’d be willing to bet she likes this one, it’s quite grown up, and in this dramatic light, even a bit mysterious.

    Quite cinematic… ah, I get it, you were going for the cast of “Charade”: G as Grant and C here as a very young Hepburn. 😉

  3. Lovely shot. Technically and otherwise. I am surprised that she is the shy type. She comes across as very confident and laid back in your photos.

    As a photographer, you must be very satisfied that your daughters are very different. You’d never know they were sisters.

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