4 thoughts on “She.

  1. Hopefully, I can manage this comment without causing “trouble”. You posted a similar portrait back on 1/12. I find that I prefer this one by a wide margin, but am having difficulty discerning why.

    Surely, the perspective is slightly different and this one is less contrasty and (so it seems to me) brighter with more “glow”… for instance you can see here how much lighter in tone her eyes (windows as they are to the soul) are than her hair.

    Obviously, I’m struggling to articulate why my reaction differs so much between them. Maybe it doesn’t matter which I prefer; maybe the important thing is the range of rendering between two such otherwise similar images of the same subject in the same medium.

    Anyhow, lovely.

  2. “Hopefully, I can manage this comment without causing “trouble”. ”

    Hahaha! Greg, you could never cause any trouble ― you’re too much of a gentleman.

    As I’m sure you’re aware, it’s a combination of the light, the mood, and the expression captured at a specific moment in time. These elements combine into seemingly endless permutations and that’s what I love about photography.

    (and it’s okay if you prefer one image over another ― or none of them at all)

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