11 thoughts on “The Winter Lion Portrait, revisited.

  1. I like this a little better, better perspective and not this “blackish”..perhaps here less contrast?..these are nuances indeed! 🙂

  2. Hi Peter
    I am very impressed with your M3 and 50 DR recent work. Very artistic pictures of your kids.
    I was wondering if you find the 50 Cron DR lens comparable in sharpness to the modern V5 version. Your pictures lead me to believe it is as good – but the sample I’ve tried recently was not as sharp and with lower contrast. But it was not the cleanest copy so I am now wondering should I search for a better sample of that lens. They are 50 years old after all.
    In terms of post processing, after you scan film, do you do your similar post processing “magic” that you typically do to M9 files, or do you tend to leave them more ‘as is’, leaving more of the natural qualities of a given B&W film in final images?
    Thank you as always

    1. I haven’t done any direct comparisons between the two 50mm Summicrons, so I can’t say for certain. I think the 50 DR is slightly less sharp than the V5 version, but the difference (if there is one) is subtle. If the sample you tried didn’t seem sharp enough, then I suspect there was something wrong with it. And, yes, the DR version is a little less contrasty, but that’s a good thing in my books.

      As for post-processing, there is no magic involved. I import the scanned image into LR and add sharpness/contrast. Depending on the subject, I might try to locally lighten portions of the image but the film files aren’t as malleable for this sort of thing vs. digital. That’s probably a good thing ― it forces me to consider the exposure (and composition) carefully before clicking the shutter!

  3. Peter – thanks for your feedback and for sharing your experience. I will need to look for another copy of the DR lens for sure.

  4. Preferences are what they are. With that in mind, for my money (2 cents, what?) this one is more lion or (all mane like displays aside) lioness-y… 🙂

    1. Thanks Greg. Like I said, I wavered before choosing my “first” one… it was a good problem to have! If I could have an amalgamation of the best qualities from both images, then everybody (including me) would be happy.

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