2 thoughts on “She Knows.

  1. She knows…that you know! And we know that you have the know-how to handle with “film”!
    I´m not the biggest fan with b/w in general, but you “get me” with b/w-film! 🙂
    I have to take out my dusty Leica M6!..Film: more information, more vivid vibes, LLLIIIFFFEEE!
    “…scales will fall frome my eyes….”:
    – fresh food vs fast food!
    – being outdoor vs watching TV!
    – real wood( furniture) vs pressboard/plastic!
    ….ok, topic to discuss, but jm2c! :-)..ok, I sometimes eat fast, I have TV and i shoot digital…but….!

    Thank you, Sir! 🙂

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