The Leica M9 continues to be the benchmark.

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There’s a follow-up article by my friend Ashwin Rao on Steve Huff’s site today discussing his long term experience using the Leica M10.   As would be expected from Mr. Rao, it’s an interesting read but what caught my attention is how much of the article is devoted to comparing the M10 to the M9.

That’s pretty remarkable considering the M9 is now two generations behind… but it’s also something that doesn’t surprise those of us who still appreciate M9 cameras.

On a related note, there’s even an entire thread on the Leica User’s Forum titled What I miss from my M9 in my M10.

(By the way Ashwin, I agree with you that the M10 has regained some of that image quality “pop” that went missing from the M240).

Related reading (particularly the discussion in the comments) from 2013:

The M240 image quality is a step down from the M9.


4 thoughts on “The Leica M9 continues to be the benchmark.

  1. Peter, i have no experience with the m10, but recently used both my m9p and my sl in a portrait shoot. The m9p stll renders skin beautifully and much more realistic than the sl, which renders just too warm for my taste. I have to cool down sl raw files but the m9p is so close to spot on. If my old eyes could never miss focus, or if the m9p had a zoom focus, i’d have not invested in the sl. I sure dont need an m10.

      1. Yes, your baseball shots show quite lovely skin tones. Of course, a reasonably priced tele zoom lens is possible with nikon. If my wife’s d7000 menu and knobs/buttons are typical of nikon, though, then i prefer even the sl’s simplicity (and of course the ability to use my m lenses. Only king kong can lift the auto focus ones).

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