6 thoughts on “Nikon D850 (or any other model)… as a 35mm film scanner?

      1. I have been very happy with my D800e. I opted not to upgrade to the D810 (also an excellent camera), but the D850 appears to be a high resolution FF version of the excellent D500, so this was an easy decision.

  1. It looks like a slide copier – and that’s no bad thing. I have no idea why it is marketed as a product specifically for Nikon cameras, though.

    BTW I saw some b&w scans with a Leica T. It was on Twitter so I couldn’t judge too well, but the results seemed pretty darned good.

  2. According to the description on that website, this ES-2 digitizing adapter is only compatible with the D850. For all other cameras the ES-1 slide copier is recommended.

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