Birthday Blink.

2017, Favourite, Film, Inspiration, Kodak Portra 400, Mamiya RZ 110mm F/2.8, Mamiya RZ67 Professional Pro II, Portrait, Q&A, Within 200 feet of My House™

Last week, I took this photograph of my daughter to mark her 12th birthday.

But the image was created with film, so I didn’t know until yesterday that she had accidentally blinked (the loud shutter noise of the big Mamiya RZ67 is often startling).

I’m posting the image anyway because it’s painterly and beautiful and because I want you to know how much it’s killing me, LOL.


↑Mamiya RZ67 + Mamiya 110mm f/2.8 + Kodak Portra 400.

4 thoughts on “Birthday Blink.

  1. Oh my. Oh my. I suppose the disappointment of the blink accounts for the black out, but might I humbly suggest that even with that slight imperfection, the whole, unredacted image, its light and its near translucency (as you say like some Dutch master), might be shared. For me, anyway, the black “bar” is more jarring than any blink.

    In any event, it is truly otherwise spectacular.

  2. I fully understand your disappointment Peter, but I agree with Greg. I would prefer to see the image without the black bar across your daughter’s eyes, whether they are closed in a blink of the eye or open. It is an otherwise beautiful portrait and demonstrates again the unique qualities of film, especially medium format film and that wonderful Mamiya 110/2.8 lens.

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