The Leica M10.


↑Image courtesy of Leica.

The new Leica M10 was announced today.

It looks like a lot of little things were done to improve this legendary line of cameras.

The sum total of these improvements should translate into a wonderful user experience.

Well done Leica.


24 thoughts on “The Leica M10.

  1. Steve says:

    Are you going to order one?

      • Steve says:

        Hi Peter…would love to know your thoughts on this. Is it the CMOS sensor or just not enough “new” features on the M10 to warrant a change? Does the “no” mean never or just not in the immediate future?

        • The new features are great – that’s what’s most appealing to me.

          The CMOS sensor is what most people want these days… it’s not my preferred choice, but I could learn to live with it.

          However, the real reason I am not going to buy one of these is that my M9/M-E cameras do everything I want them to do. I do not feel limited by them. As a bonus, the look of the files is unique to these cameras.

  2. Warren Maas says:

    Oh, I’m sure plenty of people will find things wrong with it.

    • That’s generally true about anything… just wondering if you’re saying that for a specific reason.

      • Warren Maas says:

        It just seems, judging from the Leica user forum, that, like many previous offerings, everyone has their favorite and anything new/different, receives praise/criticism. To each their own but it seems that Leica users are particularly fussy. As an aside, reading Karim’s comment, Huff seems to get excited about almost everything from Leica.

  3. I just read Steve Huff’s review. In sum, I’d say this is arguably the best camera with a 135 format sensor that you can buy today, bar none. Leica got everything right. That doesn’t mean I need one or want one, though!

  4. Ian says:

    I hope you can get your hands on one, just to get a non Leica tester or invited to the launch reviewer. Yourself and perhaps Ming Thein tend to give a more believable and trustworthy review.

  5. Mitch Alland says:

    I like it of the same reasons that Peter does, but whether it’s the best digital 35mm camera will depend on its color rendition.

  6. andygemmell says:

    Yep….best M yet with a CMOS sensor. It’s now starting to mature a little without following the sheep! But most people who buy this will be mostly be the people who love Leica and own a few of them already. Not sure if that’s a great strategy but if works don’t break it!

    • I think if they can attract 30-somethings (who have the requisite disposable income) to the fold, the M will remain viable. I was in my 30s when I first picked up an M8; I had no prior rangefinder experience. Then I was hooked!

      • jkjod says:

        I’m in my 30s and my first M was a M3 (a wedding present actually). I’ve been hooked since, and I carry my M2 pretty much everywhere. Nothing seems to be as fun or enjoyable to shoot with – and honestly because of that my photos turn out better (at least subjectively). I don’t have the disposable income to purchase the M10 today, but the saving has begun. I’ve shot with a M-D and loved it, with the M10 I can seriously see it being the last digital camera I would need. If they come out with an option that has no live view (M-262 like) for less money even better.

  7. Dimitry says:

    One aspect no one seems to mention is that M10’s slimmer body does not seem to balance as well with the best of Leica lenses – I am talking about Summilux 35 and 50…So much of the “Leica character” is based on Leica native lenses. These two in particular are the secret sauce that makes technical and aesthetic quality of pictures taken with a Leica shine vs everyone else…

    I am new to Leica, so it’s just my 2c coming from a newbie, but I do appreciate how my M9 + 35 FLE look and feel so nice together – perfect balance of weight and size. M10 pictures seem to suggest that the 35mm ‘lux is a bit oversized for the body, and the protruding lens mount makes the camera look less clean than the M9.

    I was lucky enough to find a virtually unused M9 with <1000 shots on it so it looks every bit as new as any brand new M10 would – for close to 1/3 the cost…I am definitely not looking to spend the cash on an upgrade any time soon

    • Ashwin Rao says:

      The M9 is great. No need for the M10. Keep in mind that the M10 is slim as the M7, for which those same lenses were designed. The M10 is heavier, only about 60 g different than the M240, so balance should not be hugely different. I certainly would not use this as a factor against the M10, but the M9 is fine/great as is. And it has the lovely CCD sensor.

  8. andygemmell says:

    Fair to say Fuji are also doing some very positive things in their world. Three new cameras in a day. All look very good though the MF GFX looks most interesting (and for the money also XT20). If I was dedicated to producing large prints then this would be well worth considering the money.

  9. Marc says:

    interesting for sure, but i am just like you going to keep shooting with my M9. looking back at 2016, some of my favourite shots were done with my M9 and 50 Lux ASPH a truly magical lens.

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