5 thoughts on “Spectating.

  1. Very well-captured moment! Great colors too. What f-stop was used?
    A quick technical question. I got the latest 50 Cron with my new (used) M9… Peter, if you had used that lens, would it produce similar rendering or else being equal? Or does Lux produce that much smoother rendering and richer colors? Thanks!

    1. Dimitry,

      All the modern Leica lenses will produce richer colours than their predecessors. Additionally, they are able to “see” better in the shadows (that last point becomes more obvious when you try to lift the shadows in an image during post processing).

      The 50 ‘lux ASPH does have smoother bokeh than the 50 ‘cron as well (I’m assuming you are not referring to the 50 APO when you say you have the “latest” 50 ‘cron). I have used the non-APO ‘cron extensively (see my images here: https://prosophos.com/category/leica-50mm-summicron-f2/ ) and really like it. But, if I could only choose one 50, it would definitely be the 50 ‘lux ASPH.

  2. Thanks Peter. I got the non Apo Cron which is a great leans. I’ve used it in the past when renting Leica and I knew it would be my first ‘starter’ lens. Not exactly a real starter- price and results – wise. I really like it as a great all around standard lens. The other lens I’ve heard about for a while and liked images from is the latest 35mm Lux. They are currently selling for much more reasonable $ vs a few years ago.

    I noticed you keep great archives of your blog- tons of practical and inspirational reading and looking material. I am looking forward to reading your past posts and readers comments over the xmas break!

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