2 thoughts on “Scene.

  1. I didn’t have time earlier today to try to soak this in. I’ve concluded (which together with $3.00 and some change will get you a cappuccino @ De Mello) after looking and looking at all that’s going on here that this is comprised of layers: Chaos/Order/Chaos & Order (top down). I simply can’t get my head around how wonderful those reflections in the news clippings(?) table are. Positively surreal!

    Extraordinary (even if, for today anyway, Mark has outdone you). 🙂

    1. Greg, I’m not sure what’s going on here, but I really like this image… I can’t quite explain why (yet).

      With regards to Mark’s image, it is indeed wonderful.

      I notice he’s using an M9 again 😉

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