Camera of the year.

It looks like my prediction back in June has held up… at least for me.

Hopefully something like the M9 will come along soon.  Speaking of which, I get emails daily asking about the “other” CCD camera but as I’ve stated previously, I will post something when I have something to post.

Right now, there is no new information.


10 thoughts on “Camera of the year.

  1. andygemmell says:

    Very curious to see what Leica do with the sensor in the new M due to come out soon. I know for sure…it won’t be a CCD!

    Leica are in a bit of a trap to some extent with the M, when it comes to digital photography.

    Its a rangefinder…apart from improving frame line implementation and fine tuning the focusing accuracy there are not materially strategic big changes this camera can take on apart from the sensor. Compare that with AF cameras and their evolution (extra function buttons, faster AF, more accurate AF, etc etc)
    Combined with an ageing population (wealth from china might help this) it just might struggle a little over the next 5-10 years given the new cameras on the block.

    Obviously it’s a product keeper but I think the SL and Q may move ahead of it (already has) in terms of what people want.

    I might have it all wrong in my thinking but to me I see a big ?? hanging over this. If we get another option in M mount the lenses will most certainly survive and be viable but I’d say the body will “get by” at best.

    • Ian says:

      It might be the new Medium Format Digital cameras that effect Leica the most, they seem to go one step up in IQ and look and feel good in the hand.

      • As it happens, I thought I would jump at a mirrorless Medium Format digital camera, but the new ones recently announced do nothing for me. I have a feeling I’d do better with my M9 and current lens line-up.

        What would really tempt me though would be a digital version of the Mamiya 7… i.e., a rangefinder digital medium format camera.

        • andygemmell says:

          I’m with you on that Peter.

          The size Hasselblad got right. Some of the design they possibly also got right. It’s starts to fall down a little when getting to important parts (granted I have not used one – not many have!) from what I have read. If it was a rangefinder I’d go for that camera. The Fuji probably has a better performance in terms AF speed and accuracy. But both are just bigger versions of what is already on the market! Unless printing large prints or doing commercial photography requiring extreme resolution I personally wouldn’t go there.

  2. A.Hackauf says:

    Peter, in three years the M9 will be probably your camera of the decade :-)..until now the M9 is the cam of my life!

    Peter, again thank you for your wonderful blog!

  3. Today I sold my Sony A7 and got a Leica m8.2 (with less than 6000 clicks and 1 year warranty) to accompany my MM. Yeahh baby!!

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