Anticipation, 2.

Or, The Layers of the Game.

Anticipation, 2

↑Nikon D810 + Nikon 300mm f/4E PF ED VR.

5 thoughts on “Anticipation, 2.

  1. mewanchuk says:

    Great shot–love the layers.


    • Thanks Mark. One of the layers is “R” (mom)… I was careful to frame the image this way, even though it made the composition slightly awkward.

      • mewanchuk says:

        Of course I knew that–which is why I said “layers” (BTW: Did you have “layers” up there before, and subliminally suggest it to me??)

        In any case, I don’t think it makes the composition awkward at all–it is a fantastic capture.

  2. Louis says:

    Your shots are convincing me that I need that new 300f4. The 810 sensor looks great, but that lens is a real winner. What ISO are you using to shoot the sports? Have you tried APSC framing yet? I’m thinking this would be a great option with a 7100 – the equivalent of 450f4. It used to cost about $6k to shoot that long and fast.

    • Thanks Louis. My ISO range has been anywhere from 200 to 11,800.

      I haven’t used APSC framing.

      Yes the 300/4 is pretty impressive. For the sharpest results though (at high shutter speeds) I turn the VR off.

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