Test Shots: Leica M8 and 75mm Summarit.

Inspiration, Leica 75mm Summarit f/2.5, Leica M8 (CCD Lives!), Q&A, Teaching point, Within 200 feet of My House™

I welcomed the return of an old friend recently:  the Leica M8.  It was the gateway camera for me into the world of rangefinders, almost 10 years ago.

Today, I welcomed another old friend, the Leica 75 Summarit f/2.5.  Seeing as the entire Summarit line of lenses have been updated recently, there are currently many great deals to be had on the “old” versions.  As it happens, the 75/2.5 is one of my all-time favourite Leica lenses (see my brief 75mm Summarit review here).

As soon as the 75/2.5 arrived this afternoon, I stepped outside (but Only Within 200 feet of My House™) to shoot some quick test shots while the light was still good.

It’s nice to see that my two friends still play nicely together.


Prosophos - M8 and 75 Summarit (1)

Prosophos - M8 and 75 Summarit (2)

Prosophos - M8 and 75 Summarit (3)

Leica M8 (CCD Lives!Prosophos Open Letter to Leica) + Leica 75mm Summarit f/2.5.

8 thoughts on “Test Shots: Leica M8 and 75mm Summarit.

  1. Wow! Congrats! Wonderful focused focusing combo, I like especially the first one with your beautiful Honey( doesn´t it comes close to your M7II?!) ..delicious..LLM is breathing! ..this afternoon..smile…fast process..oh boy how did you do this 😉

  2. Love these Peter, the colours and rendering in the Honey portrait are gorgeous. There’s a lovely three-dimensional quality to this, it almost feels as though you could reach into the photo.

  3. i just read your blog again after some time. nice to see you shoot a digital Leica again. I just got myself another M9 this week because i was missing the rangefinder. i thought i could love without it but i cant. do you think it makes sense to get a summarit 75 if i already own a 75 lux ?
    keep up the good work. Marc

    1. Hey Marc, welcome back on both fronts.

      In answer to your question, it all depends on what you want to do with your 75. The Summarit is of course lighter, smaller, and therefore more portable than the 75 ‘lux. It is also the better all-purpose performer with a modern “bite” and saturation to its images. Have a look at my review of this lens if you haven’t already seen it (in the review, I make some direct comparisons to the 75 ‘lux).

      On the other hand, the 75 ‘lux is hard to beat for evocative portraiture and low light work.


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