Lens advances and nomenclature set-backs.


Sony refers to the aspherical elements in their newly released G Master lenses as:  XA (extreme aspherical).

That’s a curious choice of nomenclature because it hints at the marketing of any future lens advances.

Perhaps eventually we may see “super-extreme aspherical” or “awesome-extreme aspherical” lenses.

Or they may just make the leap to “super-awesome-extreme aspherical”.  That would be super and awesome and extreme.

Either way, what’s missing this time around are the racing stripes.

(sorry to pick on Sony, as it seems like all the manufacturers are going crazy with lens nomenclature these days)






6 thoughts on “Lens advances and nomenclature set-backs.

  1. You know, Peter, unless you are doing macro or studio table top shots, sharpness, focus shift, and color issues all become somewhat relative. But for a typical serious amateur most lenses dont show their best unless the photographer really develops some skill and knowledge to reach his/her potential. I know im still trying but have yet to become capable enough to maximize my summilux or the zeiss on my old ‘blad. Lord, how did julia margaret cameron, paul strand, or weston every manage to make quality images without the modern camera companies’ toys? What a sad flaw in us modern humans for us to feel that we can do good work if only we buy the latest, greatest techno-wonder product!

    1. Correct Henry. Nothing to do with lens design really all things being equal. Would have HCBs work been better with a current 50lux ASPH…no! Its all about the eye.

      Look at what Peter can produce with his inexpensive old technology in the previous post.

      “I’ll have a Double Aspherical Super Resolving (with a twist 10 elements) – (model number a DASR10E 50 1.4) 50mm please with that camera😊!

  2. Didn’t Tamron start this ludicrous terminology with their XGM (eXpanded Glass Molded Aspherical) element in the 15-30mm? Rubbish name, great lens though…

  3. Huh? what? you guys saying’ that if I pimp out my A7 to the R 2 with some G Master bling, I won’t be bustin’ HCBs while I am riding with my beaus? lol…. I agree the nomenclature is getting a bit silly now. I realised a long time ago that the limiting factor is the sack of meat with his button on the shutter, not the glass or sensor. Saying that, 24-70 f2.8 is not a bad general purpose lens.

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