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11 thoughts on “* **

  1. Henry says:

    Well, Peter, it looks a bit like my M-4 only black. But it can’t be yours! This is surely only a trick to get us back on the Peter mystery roller coaster. Whatever. If you do use it, it will only be a quality instrument that will be properly and capably applied.

  2. mewanchuk says:

    Now that is ALL the right kind of wrong! (or the wrong kind of right…whichever is more AWESOME. I kind of confused myself thinking about it…)

    Hot diggity!!

    • jkjod says:

      I thought it got it, but then I started thinking about it too and I’m confused, either way I agree its awesome! That is a pretty slick looking M3, nothing quite like having a M in your hands…

  3. Gavin Pitts says:

    It looks like a black paint M3 with some beautiful brassing (flat frame line window, pronounced window surrounds and self timer). What lens did you get to go with her? Keeping the rangefinder eye in while you wait for the ccd rangefinder announcement? 😉

  4. andygemmell says:

    Nice! Back to the 50mm….maybe a cron this time around? Really enjoying the M4 and I know I’ve said this before and seen you do ALOT of trading … but it’s a keeper!

  5. PhotoMatrix says:

    What are you guys talking about? I see no post, no image and only some stars in the description and comments…

  6. PhotoMatrix says:


  7. Aivaras says:

    Wander what does those stars hide… Is it “o, no”? 🙂

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