Snow Honey Too.

Snow Honey Too

4 thoughts on “Snow Honey Too.

  1. jkjod says:

    These have been great, how do you like the TLR experience compared to the RZ? Ive never shot with a TLR, but the portability and small size intrigue me.

    • Choice of gear influences a photographer’s output. With a TLR, composition crystallizes in the viewfinder: it’s easier to judge if a shot will work.

      Having said that, using a TLR is a contemplative process, because of the slow and deliberate adjustments. I therefore promised myself I wouldn’t try to use this camera for action to avoid frustration.

      So far, I don’t know if I’ve really kept my promise, since I was only able to shoot one roll of film before having to send the Autocord back for repair.

      Thanks for your nice comment Jordan.

      • jkjod says:

        I’ll be interested to know your thoughts as your experience goes along. I have a longing for the huge 120 negatives, just need to find something that is as enjoyable to use as my M2.

        • Rangefinder candidates (among others) similar to the M2 but using 120 film include: Mamiya 6 (6 x 6) or 7 (6 x 7), Plaubel Makina (6 x 7), Bronica RF645 (6 x 4.5), Fuji GSW690 (6 x 9!). However, none of them can compare to the Leca M(2) je ne sais quoi haptics, even though the image quality will be noticeably better.

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