4 thoughts on “Snow Honey Too.

  1. These have been great, how do you like the TLR experience compared to the RZ? Ive never shot with a TLR, but the portability and small size intrigue me.

    1. Choice of gear influences a photographer’s output. With a TLR, composition crystallizes in the viewfinder: it’s easier to judge if a shot will work.

      Having said that, using a TLR is a contemplative process, because of the slow and deliberate adjustments. I therefore promised myself I wouldn’t try to use this camera for action to avoid frustration.

      So far, I don’t know if I’ve really kept my promise, since I was only able to shoot one roll of film before having to send the Autocord back for repair.

      Thanks for your nice comment Jordan.

      1. I’ll be interested to know your thoughts as your experience goes along. I have a longing for the huge 120 negatives, just need to find something that is as enjoyable to use as my M2.

        1. Rangefinder candidates (among others) similar to the M2 but using 120 film include: Mamiya 6 (6 x 6) or 7 (6 x 7), Plaubel Makina (6 x 7), Bronica RF645 (6 x 4.5), Fuji GSW690 (6 x 9!). However, none of them can compare to the Leca M(2) je ne sais quoi haptics, even though the image quality will be noticeably better.

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