For those of you who enjoy schadenfreude, please note that my Autocord is not working again.


(for the record, Karl Bryan is looking after me very well)



3 thoughts on “Schadenfreude.

  1. Cory Laskowitz says:

    Sorry Peter. Maybe a Rolleicord Vb, OR, if you want a workhorse, but a bit of a beast try a Mamiya C330. Pretty much unbreakable. The Mamiya 80mm f2.8 blue dot is a real sharp lens as is the 55. And they have a nice bright viewfinder. The Rollei is nice but good bit more fragile.

    • Thanks Cory. Karl has convinced me to stick with the Autocord, and for some reason I think he’s right. The camera is en route to him for its second repair. In the meantime, I’ll post a few more shots from my first test roll.

  2. jgeenen says:

    Peter, du hast mein vollstes Mitleid (I feel so sorry). A TLR – Minolta, Yeshica, or Rollei – is such a different shooting experience and the combination of fixed lens, waist level finder and different control layout fosters concentration on the picture. On the other hand – the fragile setup including sophisticated precision mechanics – requires more maintenance as usual, but I am confident, your Autocord will be fixed. I probably will once again look for a trusted Rolleiflex that I already owned in the early 80’s and exchanged for a more versatile SLR setup. Have fun! Johannes

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