Tobogganer 2.

Tobogganer 2

8 thoughts on “Tobogganer 2.

  1. René Sterental says:

    Wonderful photo, but he’s wearing his helmet incorrectly. You should adjust it so it covers his forehead.

    Love the image and the bikes, though.

  2. I really like these two toboggan shots. One of the striking features is the perfect exposure. I notice it because I sometimes have to go back and correct my photos (in the RAW converter) numerous times, because just when I think I nailed the exposure, I realize that I made a small error, and so I have to go back and fix it.

    My monitor is fine – it’s calibrated – but my judgement has a weak spot. I’m aware of it, and all it causes is some wasted time. 😉

  3. Aivaras says:

    Great picture. As usual. What is in the top left corner?

  4. That’s a great portrait

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