7 thoughts on “Tobogganer.

  1. Proof of concept.

    One of the reasons to own a DSLR is to be able to use a lens of this focal length. Turns out, it’s useful 😉

    I can’t wait until the kids’ sports activities begin in the spring.

  2. I have noticed here and elsewhere, although less so here, that Nikon seems to produce produce an unpleasant orangish cast in skins of varied complexion. Could it be, here, just the effect cold air on her face? Otherwise, a fine photo!

    1. Nikon files do have a tendency towards orange skin tones. Having said that, this looks right to my eye (having been there). In some of the other files I’ve posted, the bias is more evident.

  3. Beautiful and just the teeniest-bit-tentative expression on the tobogganer’s face. Especially perfect for tobogganing on not quite snow filled terrain. Great subject for the photographer who is also testing out a longer focal length perspective. Very sweet. Very well done.

  4. Good work Peter! I’m sure your enjoying the flexibility of the DSLR. I find my D800e tends to have a slight magenta cast rather than orange. When you look at your recent posts Wisp and Happy to my eyes and monitor they tend to have magenta rather than orange tones. Of course indoors with ambient tungsten light will be warm toned. When I shoot with a Canon 5d2 it definitely seems to have a warm/orange cast compared to the Nikon shot at the same time but my results could be limited to the individual cameras i am using.

    1. Regarding your observation of Canon vs. Nikon tones, I’ve always thought the last few years’ worth of Canon cameras have reproduced skin tones in a manner more pleasing than Nikon ones.

      Thank you for your comments Richard.

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