3 thoughts on “First Snow Fall.

    1. Correct about the lens switch Andrew.

      What Sigma has been able to accomplish with the 35 + 50 f/1.4 Art lenses is incredible. I actually prefer both of these to the latest Nikkors. And considering each is half the cost of the Nikon equivalents… as I said, incredible.

      The Sigma lenses are not as robust as the professional Nikon/Canon lenses (I’ve seen the internals – check online to view video of them being taken apart), but they are nonetheless built very well. In fact, they paradoxically feel more solid and operate more smoothly than the Nikons I’ve tried thus far.

      On a purely aesthetic level, I also prefer Sigma’s choice for an understated appearance. The nondescript black exterior is a refreshing welcome from the big, bold, and gold Nikon emblems adorning the Nikkors.

      1. Oh yes, I forgot to mention the most important part: optically the Sigmas are superior to the Nikkors. They are in fact the closest thing I’ve found to Leica lenses in SLR-land.

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