“Mary” Christmas.

Focus is on the near eye.


Mary Christmas

15 thoughts on ““Mary” Christmas.

  1. Nick Devlin says:

    Love this shot!

  2. Linden says:

    That’s a cool photograph.

    The 1.4/85G has a high reputation. (And don’t you find it interesting that so many lens company’s have as one of their very best lenses something in the 75-90 range? What is it about optical formulas and this focal length range that spoils us for choice?)

    I also had focus issues with the 1.4/24 Nikkor G when I had my D800 three years ago.


  3. Henry says:

    Lovely, Peter! I have the same lens by Zeiss, the zf made for nikon, and it has similar qualities and excellence. Passed it on to my nikon wife. Now, if i could just get her away from that darn zoom!

  4. Mads says:

    Nice shot! Great to know, Peter. I’m picking up my copy of the 85mm 1.4G today. 😊 Can’t wait! It’s suppose to be sensational.

    • Congratulations Mads. It’s really a sensational lens.

      • Mads says:

        Thanks, Peter, and the same to you. Did you test several copies of this lens as well or did first one perform well straight out of the box? How much should one in general be concerned with sample variation of lenses? And how was AF fine tune on your 85 1.4?

        Some say this Nikon 85 1.4G is into Leica territory in imaging capabilities.

  5. Of course I like this photo. That goes without saying. 😉 ‘Surreal’ is not the word I’m looking for. It’s a bit Kubrick-esque – bizarre, in a good way.

    But the Ice Light is too ‘neutral’ for this scene IMHO. I’d like to see it give out a warmer light here. Just saying… from the armchair…

    • andygemmell says:

      So Karim what do you mean by this? You’d like to see the ice light turned down or up? I’m assuming up? If it’s turned up it’ll be brighter and if down it becomes softer so assuming you feel it’s a bit too soft?

      For what it’s worth (and I am certainly not really qualified to comment) I feel the light here is a nice balance of ambient and ice light.

      • andygemmell says:

        Sorry forgot to mention it may also mean you can change the position of the light?

      • Look at the warm ambience all around the subject compared to the mood that the Ice Light creates. I’m exaggerating of course but the contrast between the warm ambience and the cold Ice Light stands out more than I would like. Just realise that I am being very picky. 🙂 Peter has used the Ice Light several times before, to good effect. I simply disagree with its use here.

        • andygemmell says:

          Thanks Karim. OK…so you feel it should be turned down or taken further away.

          I respectfully disagree on your view here. The mask is full of colour and requires light in this situation to bring it out. This image would run the risk of getting the balance wrong and being an ambient mush (if there is such a term!). Getting the balance right in an image like can be hard work.

          The colours actually mute the light force to some respect. If it was just on skin then I’d tend to agree more so.

          Anyway each to their own. Thanks for clarifying. Have a great Christmas.

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