17 thoughts on “Decorating the Christmas Tree.

  1. Really Peter! One of my faves after you teamed up with the 58mm 1.4G. Really demonstrates the special rendering of this lens. How would you compare it to Leica glass? Is it of same high quality or you see aignificant differences?
    I’m considering a used (like new) copy of the 58mm 1.4G, but not sure if it is too close to my 85mm 1.4D. Else I am thinking of upgrading my 35mm 2D with a (again used copy) 35mm 1.4G. Have tou considered the 35mm 1.4G yourself?
    Keep up the great work! Thanks,

      1. Thanks Mads.

        Lens choices are always so personal, it’s hard to recommend what you should get Mads. I don’t think you could go wrong with any of the ones you are considering. The 35/1.4 is closer in character to the 58/1.4 than the 24/1.4 though. I almost considered it but I tend to “see” better with a 24 (or 21) and 50-ish combination.

        Regarding Leica vs. Nikon glass: the best Leica lenses are better than the best Nikon lenses.

        1. Yay….christmas is on its way! A nice image to get into the mood. My youngest is on 4th draft of the Santa list!!

          43 or 50mm Mamiya anyone? The 43mm you owned Peter is a special lense. I own the 50mm and used to own the 24mm Elmar…Mamiya in my opinion at these wide angles as good as Leica (except perhaps for build quality).

        2. Thanks, Peter. Makes sense. Ah, it was the 24mm 1.4 in this image and here I go talk about the rendering of the 58mm. Haha, anyway very nice image and lovely rendering from this lens too. 😉 The 24mm 1.4G is supposed to be spectacular!

        3. Pulled the trigger on the 35mm 1.4G. Should arrive within a couple of days. Can’t wait, will pair well with my 85mm 1.4D.

          1. The debate, though a personal one, about lens sets is a most interesting one. Do you base you lenses around 35mm or 50mm? Practicality says 35mm, tradition says 50mm. 😉 Here are two examples of how one might choose a lens set:

            Set A: 21, 35, 75/85, 135, X
            Set B: 24, 50, 90/100, Y
            Set C: 21, 28, 50, 90/100, Z

            The trick is to figure out what X, Y and Z should be. If you’re using a RF camera, you have to stop at 135mm so Set A seems more logical. You could replace 135mm with a standard telephoto zoom (e.g. 80-200mm) if you’re using an SLR.

            For Set B you could add an 80-200mm zoom. Either way you’d have four lenses in Sets A and B.

            But Set C? Like B, it’s based around 50mm, goes wider than B but has to add a 28mm lens to make the gap between 21mm and 50mm. Add an 80-200mm zoom and you have five lenses now.

            I suppose this sort of subject matter, as simple as it is, could fill a long article.

            1. Karim,

              This is always a great discussion. When I first got into this great thing we call ‘photography’, I studied hundreds of photographers. I think you gravitate towards your own vision. I always felt that Sam Abell was the one that I felt most represented how I see the world, and how I wish I could see the world. He was always very simple with gear and chose the 28, 50, 85 combination. It is interesting to me, that after 16 years of being a photographer, that the core of my kit is the 28, 50, 85. I don’t know if it was looking at all of his images for years, and hearing him speak in person. Or is it that my own vision corresponds with this line of how to work? Why do some people love working with Macro? Or others love using the 500mm focal length? Definitely would be a great discussion.

  2. Part of me wants to say that Christmas trees should not go up until December. But part of me believes that the magic should last as long as possible. 😉 Decorating the tree is one of my favourite childhood memories.

  3. Peter,

    Looks great. Your image making and style don’t look like they are getting hampered with using the D810. Nice work and I think it flows right with your previous images.

    1. Thank you Dave. My son saw the image afterward and remarked “I didn’t even know you took that picture of me”. So I guess the D810 may in fact be stealthy enough, LOL.

      Fortunately, the files coming out of this camera are making it easy to retain a little bit of my previous style.

  4. Never had a Idea, you will get back to DSLR. But what matters its not the tool, but your skill and vision. All series with Nikon is very good, I suppose its not about camera, but about fresh interest to shoot with new toy? 🙂

  5. I am doing something here that I’ve not considered doing before and hope it is not inappropriate. If so, Peter, I apologize.

    Obviously I, as one suspects others do, follow other sites than this one. One such is Wouter Brandsma. Last week his young son suffered a stroke that deprived him of the use of the left side of his body. For those that have not followed his site, Wouter’s son is also, to some degree, autistic. Here’s the post from him about it: https://wouter28mm.wordpress.com/2015/11/22/week-67-2015/.

    I would ask that all of us, who celebrate so often on this site the joys of family like the one recorded here, keep Wouter and his family in our prayers if we pray and in our hearts otherwise as we enter this time of Thanksgiving here in the States and Christmas everywhere around the globe.

    May all of you and your families be well.

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