Inspiration, Nikon 58mm f/1.4G, Nikon D810, Portrait, Q&A, Teaching point

This image was taken at the same time as all of my other recently posted images, before I realized that my 58/1.4 lens was front-focusing.

The intended focus here was the near eye, but the actual focus ended up being on the front of the hat.

Still, I like this image.

(Andreas: the background buildings are the same yellow-ish buildings 🙂 )




6 thoughts on “Blue.

  1. Nice portrait as usually is of you using any camera.

    However skin tones are the critical aspect of portrait IQ (not really sharpness) some CMOS seniors lean towards red/orange and some yellowish.

    I have used a M8 and a ME and compared to my M240 the CCD is more accurate to natural skin tones. This is also the case with your new camera the first difference I noticed was the skin tones. This is why Leica folk talk about the POP of M9/ME and others don’t understand it, the first impact of the any image b4 analysing the shot is The pop. CCD has it.

    1. Let me introduce myself Pi: I am the guy who championed CCD over CMOS and wrote an open letter to Leica declaring this ( ).

      Having said that, the D810 skin tones are leagues above the M240, and in many ways superior to the M9 (subjective opinion of course). I haven’t even scratched the surface with respect to the processing.

      But then again, it took 10 yrs for CMOS to catch up to CCD in this respect (and in many other ways CCD — like with the “pop” to which you refer — is still superior), and Leica dropped the ball when it comes to offering a unique (sensor) product in the market.

      In any case, I’ve gotten over it — maybe some of the readers of this blog should too. Otherwise their continued fixation on this issue might be misconstrued as impolite by the site’s host.

      1. OK I won’t bring it up again.

        My only defence was because of your determination to get the point across that has some readers a tad confused.

  2. Not only is it a nice portrait, but it is also quite cinematic. Three reasons:

    The composition as-is – the subject is deliberately off-centre.
    If you cropped the top of the frame to make a 1:85 aspect, it would be moreso.
    The blue top and hat stand out against the bright background, regardless of aperture setting. I could not help but recall a shot seen in the Spectre trailer (iTunes trailers, trailer 2, at 2:11). No back light required!

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