The Nikon D810 sensor is…


I did an outdoor photo shoot for a family today.

The colours, textures, and even look that I am able to extract from the D810 remind me of what I was getting with my Mamiya 7 +Kodak Portra 400 film.


12 thoughts on “The Nikon D810 sensor is…

  1. Will says:

    I’m intrigued… How are you getting colors that look like Portra?

  2. bijansabet says:

    Exciting, and happy for you Peter.



  3. Pi says:

    I have no alliance to Canon or Nikon, but if I were going to buy a DSLR from what I have seen the Canon 5DR seems to have the best colour rendering I have seen out of the latest releases.(with Zeiss Otus lenses attached)

  4. andygemmell says:

    Great result Peter! Thats a nice start to the Nikon reunion! What lens did you end up adding to the mix?

  5. mewanchuk says:

    Alright, enough with the suspense…

    Images, already!!


  6. sgoldswo says:

    Part of me wonders if this is the pulling of a limb, but I can’t argue with the proposition that results from the D810 can be exceptional quality.

    For best colours you need to process in NX-D, but I don’t have the patience to use it. You also don’t need to pull the DR as much as you do with other cameras as there’s so much to work with (embrace those shadows) – there’s a bit of a tendency for D810 results to end up looking like every photo is a HDR otherwise. Also, try using MUP/EFCS handheld for landscapes, it does make a difference.

    Also, I know it cuts against the grain for you Peter but try turning on the face detection when using with AF lenses (you need to leave the focus point selection in auto for it to work along with setting it in the menu). I recommend all of the Sigma Art primes, the Tamron 15-30, the Nikon 24-70mm F2.8 G, the Nikon 58mm F1.4G and the Nikon 70-200mm F4G

    • I’m surprised about two things on your recommendations list: (1) the 85/1.4 didn’t make the cut, and (2) a sharp-lens aficionado like yourself would opt for the 58/1.4 which scores big on bokeh but not on resolution… still it’s a very tempting lens given the output I’ve seen.

      • sgoldswo says:

        I owned a couple of copies of the 85mm F1.4G and they didn’t work well (in terms of AF wide open) with my now sold D800E, so I bought a F1.8G to cover that focal length. As to the 58, well, I do shoot with the Sigma Art 50mm F1.4 too, so that covers my needs re sharpness well. It’s the OOF rendering of the 58 that’s sublime.

  7. andygemmell says:

    Am i correct in observing the A7rii and D810 have very similar sensors re colour profile?

  8. Linden says:

    High praise. Great camera. Were you borrowing this for the shoot, or is this a new acquisition?

  9. I have Nikon gear and a Leica M9, so feel sympathetic to your endeavours. My favourite lens on my D800e as far as colour rendering is a 35mm f2 Zeiss ZF.2 You Peter being a longterm rangefinder user, will be used to manual focus and so may enjoy using such a lens. I dont know if you can change the focus screen on the D810 to make it more manual focus friendly? I have been investigating Canon and you can change the screen on cameras up to the 5Dm11 – I have a set of six Zeiss cinema lenses with EF mount and at the moment prefer old style OVF with a good focus screen over the EVF. I am sure the Leica SL would be brilliant but that is out of my price range at the moment.

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